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Velva Stone, 103

Escondido, California

“I would love to push my walker into mass protests…. Follow me!”

Advice for the country at this moment


My mother was a suffragette. A month before my seventh birthday the Nineteenth Amendment was passed to award women the right to vote. I was a child, but I was well aware of the time, money, and energy my mother and her associates put into lobbying, rallies, protests, and marches.


You lose your sense of helplessness and feel good about yourself when you make sacrifices and contribute your efforts to support civil rights and other social justice movements.


What has happened to the indignation that drove protests against the Vietnam War? Protests against our participation in the death and destruction in the Middle East are nil. People set themselves on fire to protest Vietnam….


…I would love to push my walker into mass protests against the stupid wall and other mindless actions proposed for the next four years. Follow me!

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