An inspiring new book based on this website

In the weeks before November’s election, 186 women, ages 96 to 105, appeared on this website. It celebrated women born before the 19th Amendment who were, for the first time, voting for a woman for president of the United States.


Although the election’s outcome left these voters—and many others—disappointed and distressed, their hopeful messages have taken on renewed significance.

A new book features stories and advice from the women who "waited 96 years."

We the Resilient:

Wisdom for America from Women Born Before Suffrage

Edited by Sarah Bunin Benor and Tom Fields-Meyer

Foreword by Senator Barbara Boxer

One theme that permeates these women’s life stories is resilience. They have endured ups and downs—personal, political, and societal. Yet they kept moving forward.


These women’s wisdom, perspective, and grace will help all of us, in the words of one of our centenarians, “to go forward, not back.”

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