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Beatrice Lumpkin, 98

Chicago, Illinois

“We older people will help you turn our country around”

My experiences with sexism and advice to young women

…In 1949, I was fired from two jobs for being pregnant. As late as 1964 my boss told me, “For what I’m paying you, I could get a man.” Then he fired me and gave my job to a man I had trained! Happily, in 1965 the Civil Rights Act was passed and outlawed that type of open sexism. Based on my experience, I think that it pays to fight for your rights. That’s the way we can win equality.

Advice for the country at this moment

I believe that young people will lead our country towards a better, more humane society. My message to them is: don’t waste time grieving the 2016 Electoral College defeat of the first female major party candidate to run for president. Instead, organize and continue to fight for the rights of the 99 percent. We older people will help you turn our country around. Let’s form a grand new intergenerational alliance for progress….

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