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Mary Sue Wilson, 101

Bakersville, NC


“I remember when women got the right to vote”

  • Born October 1915 in Gaffney, SC

  • Moved to Mitchell County, NC at 25 to work as a store clerk

  • Eloped when her mother didn’t approve of her marriage

  • Still lives in the home her husband built decades ago

  • Three children, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren


“I turned 101 years old on Monday, October 17 and Thursday my two sons and my youngest granddaughter took me to early voting. I remember when women got the right to vote, and this week I got to vote for a woman for president. I think I'll get to see a woman president in my lifetime—and I think that woman will be Hillary Clinton. My first time voting was when I turned 21 in 1936. I voted for FDR. I was born a Democrat and I'll die a Democrat.”

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