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Estelle Liebow Schultz, 98

Rockville, MD

“To see such an accomplishment in my lifetime is momentous”

  • Born June 1918 in New York, NY

  • Two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren

  • Retired educator, former assistant superintendent of Compton, CA Unified School District


"Recently, I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and am now in home hospice. I am following this campaign carefully, and I decided that I would like to live long enough to see the election of our first woman president. When I was marking my absentee ballot for Hillary Clinton, it occurred to me that this wish is even more poignant, because I was born in 1918, two years before women achieved the right to vote. To see such an accomplishment in my lifetime is momentous. I encourage all of my fellow nonagenarians to follow me in marking your ballot with a sense of pride in a life long lived and a country making history."