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Dorothy Barton, 98

Davenport, IA


"I am proud this year to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton"

  • Born March 1918 in Lyons, MI

  • After high school, worked for a doctor for three dollars a week plus room and board

  • Later worked for a coal company for six dollars a week

  • After borrowing $100 from grandmother to attend nursing school, worked as nurse for two doctors

  • Returned to college to earn BA in Behavioral Science

  • Still lives independently, preparing her own meals, reading, emailing friends and family, and playing Words with Friends

  • Was married for 63 years

  • Two daughters, five grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren


“When women were given the right to vote, I was two years of age. It was a while before I exercised my option. At age 14, I was a decided Democrat. I broke rank only once as an adult to vote for Dwight Eisenhower. I am proud this year to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. I admire her persistent determination to improve the chances of young people and women for better education and better pay.”

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