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Vernice Warfield, 101

Rochester, NY


"Women know what to do and how to do it!"


  • Born February 1915 in Texarkana, TX

  • Her father—born a slave—and mother educated her and 10 siblings

  • Became a Methodist minister in the 1940s, pastoring at the AME church in Auburn, NY—previously Harriet Tubman's church

  • Married Robert Warfield, brother of the singer William Warfield

  • Volunteered in schools teaching remedial reading, writing and mathematics

  • Pioneered integrated PTAs in her city and programs for interracial adoptions in the '70s

  • Worked as a civil rights leader and community organizer for Red Cross, Urban League, NAACP, Church Women United and other groups

  • Three children, seven grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, four great-great grandchildren


"I didn't want an absentee ballot, even though I will be 102 in a couple of months. I wanted to make my way to my polling place, where I've been going for over sixty years, to cast my vote in person on this historic day. In my 101 years I've experienced and seen so much! I'm confident all Americans will do what's right and bring a woman to the top. I've got my 'power-pantsuit' on in honor of Hillary Clinton. Women know what to do and how to do it!"


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