Susan Rosenberg, 99, Newtown, PA

Ursula Marx, 96, Columbia, MD

“The present, even with its imperfections, yields the best possibilities yet”

  • Susan was born October 1917 in Breslau, Germany; Ursula was born February 1920, also in Breslau

  • Escaped Nazi Germany together in 1939 and immigrated to U.S. after a year in England

  • Worked tirelessly to secure freedom of their parents, who arrived in New York in 1941

  • Susan, a voracious reader and theatergoer,  loves sports and “beat a lot of folks” at golf and tennis over the years

  • Susan has two sons, three grandchildren, one great-grandchild

  • Ursula devoted years to helping new immigrants adjust, just as she was helped

  • Ursula has been a dental technician, Girl Scout leader, artist, and Wii bowling champ

  • Ursula has two daughters, three grandchildren, “two grandcats and a great-grand-guide dog”

“American women first voted in a national election on November 2, 1920, Ursula's birth year. Ursula's younger daughter's birth date is November 2, 1960, so it's easy for both of them to remember the very day that women got the vote. Ursula has seen a lot of changing times and believes that the present, even with its imperfections, yields the best possibilities yet. That's why she's voting for Hillary Clinton -- for a better future!”

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