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Primetta Giacopini, 100

San Jose, CA


“It's about time we got a woman in there!”


  • Born June 1916 in Torrington, CT

  • Taken in by an older, childless couple after her mother died when she was two

  • In 1929 they retired to Italy, taking her along

  • Italian authorities ordered her back to US in 1940 because she was American

  • Traveled in convoy through Vichy France and Franco's Spain to Lisbon, then crossed Atlantic on small ship packed with refugees

  • Returning to Torrington, got work with General Motors and met husband, Bert, carpooling

  • Quit job to care for daughter with spina bifida (who went on to Harvard)

  • Retired to San Jose and still lives independently at home


“It's about time we got a woman in there! The men have had plenty of time and have just screwed things up.”

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