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May Mirel, 96

Thousand Oaks, CA


“It will be an amazing 97th birthday, knowing a gifted woman is finally elected our president"

  • Born November 1919 in Czernowitz, Austria-Hungary

  • Naturalized in the U.S. as infant

  • BBA from City College of NY in accounting; MA from Brooklyn College in urban education

  • Accountant, medical assistant to first husband; New York City elementary school teacher; legal assistant to second husband

  • Married and widowed from two terrific husbands; also lost a close companion

  • Three children, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren

"My first presidential election was in 1940, when I was 21, because my birthday is in late November, and I just missed the 1936 election. I have voted in every national election since then. It will be an amazing 97th birthday this year, celebrating Hillary's win, knowing a gifted woman is finally elected our president. She was my senator in New York, and I have admired her for a long time, for her intelligence, strength, and commitment to bettering the lives of everyone, especially children. I am excited to vote for Hillary and already sent in my ballot.”

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