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Wisdom for America
from Women Born Before Suffrage

In the weeks before the 2016 election, this website featured 186 women, ages 96 to 105, who were eager to elect Hillary Clinton. These women were born before the 19th Amendment and were, for the first time, voting for a woman for president of the United States.


Their photos and quotes are found on the Meet the voters page. In our Newsroom you can read some of the 100+ stories about our site and our voters that appeared in news media around the world.

As a follow up to this website, we compiled a book featuring their stories and advice to help America face the future - We the Resilient: Wisdom for America from Women Born Before Suffrage (Luminare Press).

Then, in 2020, we followed up with a few of the (now) centenarians when the female presidential candidates suspended their campaigns. At this critical and challenging moment, our nation needs these women’s voices and wisdom more than ever.

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